Back to School!

These past few weeks have been more than a little bit frantic with the kids going back to school after holidays and hubby going to stay with my folks for a few weeks to work on a commissioned art piece.


I know that I can get a little lazy when it comes to school snacks when it comes to hectic times, so this time around I pushed myself to get some baking done instead of cheating and buying snacks instead.


So last week, I made Banana and Oat Muffins, Rolled Oat Slice and Banana Bread (recipe courtesy of Mrs K., a long standing loyal client turned friend!).  This particular Banana Bread recipe never lasts long in our house, although I did manage to save about ¼ of it to send with hubby, along with ½ a dozen muffins.

I’m sure I’ll find myself back in the kitchen at some time this week . . . in between washing, mowing and taking the Minions to visit their Daddy!

* Originally posted on the 16th October 2013

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