Our go-to homemade cleaning products

Okay, so I’ve actually been feel pretty terrible for a few days now. Head cold or something that Master Minion B has too, so instead of writing up a long and convoluted blog entry with my usual charming wit, you’re stuck with short and sweet instead 😉  Now, we have an 8kg washing machine, so you may need to adjust the amounts you use to suit your own machines :)

Miss Minion E is highly allergic to so many store bought clothes detergents, fabric softeners and cleaners, and I am pleased to say that she doesn’t react at all to any of these recipes at all.

I buy citric acid in bulk from a spice mart near my folks house, but you can buy it from anywhere that sells bulk soap making supplies as well.

Homemade Clothes Detergent – this lasts us about 2 – 3 months, depending on how many heavy loads we have had:

140g lux flakes (or you could grate Sunlight soap instead)

1/3 cup bi-carb soda

1/3 cup citric acid

1/3 cup washing soda

20-30 drops of Eucalyptus oil

Put all dry ingredients & essential oil into a 5 litre container – I use an old container from when I was buying washing powder – and mix together well.   Carefully add 1 litre of boiling water – watch the volcano happen!!! – and once the foaming has settled down, carefully use a stick mixer to mix together until soap flakes have dissolved fully.  Put aside until the next day.  The next day add 2 litres of boiling water and mix carefully with a stick mixer again, and repeat the next day until you have a full 5 litre container.  Allow to sit for one more day.

I use the scoop from this old bought washing powder, which is a little over 1/8th of a cup.  One scoop for a normal load, 2 if it’s a heavy load or really dirty one.

I do still need to use stain remover, but I’m working on a recipe for that too!


Homemade Fabric Softener

500g bi-carb soda

2 cups white vinegar

4 cups hot water

10 – 15 drops essential oil (I like to use patchouli, lavender or a light citrus scent)

Put the bi-carb soda and essential oil into a 2 litre bottle – I use an old fabric softener bottle because I use the cap for measuring.  Carefully – and I mean a volcano of pretty smelling bi-carb will erupt if you’re not! – add the white vinegar.  Wait for the bubbling mass to settle down, and then slowly add the hot water – it will bubble up some more, especially if you use boiling water.

I use 2 caps in our washing machine, which is equivalent to 1/3 cup.  You do need to shake this really well before you use it, but don’t do it while the bottle is still hot – it will foam up again.


Citrus Vinegar

Orange and/or lemon peel

White vinegar

This is so easy to do!  When you’re eating an orange or a lemon, simple add the peel to a 1 litre glass jar.  Add enough white vinegar to cover the peel, and then keep adding to it as you eat more oranges!  Once the jar is full, leave for 3 – 4 weeks, then strain in to another jar.  It only has a hint of vinegar smell after this time and you can use it by itself (50/50 mix with water) or in the next recipe!


Minion Mum’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner

3 tablespoons washing soda

1 tablespoon citric acid

30 drops eucalyptus or lemon oil

¼ cup dishwashing liquid

300ml citrus vinegar (white vinegar will work if you haven’t had time to make up citrus vinegar)

500ml boiling water

1 litre of tap water

In a 2 litre jug, mix together the washing soda, citric acid and boiling water (carefully, the citric acid will bubble up) and mix until dissolved.  Add the dishwashing liquid and essential oil, mix well.  Slowly add the citrus vinegar and mix well once the bubbles have settled.   Top up with 1 litre of tap water and mix well.  I have 3 x 500ml spray bottles of this around the house with the spare in a jar in our laundry.  One in each of our bathrooms, and one in the kitchen.  This stuff is fantastic – it even took black shoe polish off our driveway!!!


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